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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 25, 2011 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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this wasn't supposed to happen. a massive water main break that sent water a thousand feet into the air. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. news chopper 2 caught these spectacular pictures of the water shooting into the air in a quiet residential neighborhood. the water then went down the
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street and became a muddiness. neighbors say it was an incredible sight. >> it was a lot of water like niagra falls. >> both lines had been replace just about a month ago. the puc says both lines were expected to last for 100 years. invest investigators will now be on the scene to figure out what went wrong. >> we're told that the clean up of that mess could take months. and eric rasmussen is in that neighborhood where the pipe wrote. you've been talking to many of them. >> reporter: we moved our truck to the source of all of today's trouble so you can get a look at it. just look at the size of this pipeline, it sent water and mud
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blasts right into people's doors and in some places through them. the clean up continued right into the night on magnolia avenue. chopper2 captured this the view of the water main break earlier today, members of the first baptist church shot this first video from their wynn doe. a river of water. >> this is a huge mess. >> reporter: they credited a few placed sandbags for keeping the water from coming in the back tkaord. others closer to the blast weren't as lucky and water and mud made it into their garages and ground floors. >> it really caught me off guard. it caught our whole neighborhood off guard. >> reporter: everyone was allowed to return. even the owner of this car eventually made it out of the mud. >> it's working fine, yeah.
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>> reporter: a little messy though. >> a little messy. >> i was out for a walk and my wife called me, said there was a water main: i said what do you want me to do about it. >> reporter: contractors are still out working on one person's house that is right next to this pipeline. a claims adjustor has been making their rounds through the neighborhood. checking with them and making plans to cover the cost of any damages here. we're live in south san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu knew. to see more of today's video from that water main break go to now to what happened at the
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occupy protest valley. ktvu's alex sadvidge toll us what happened today. >> reporter: a face off between protesters and officers. this was all part of an occupy black friday demonstration. it started around 2:00 this afternoon when roughly 100 protesters stormed union square with a message for shoppers. >> they asked people not to spend their money at corporate retailers, company seen as part of the 1%. >> if people take the time today to realize what are they really doing, where could their money really go to do a little bit better than trinkets and toys and things that aren't going to last much. >> reporter: there was some pushing and shoving between police and protesters, shoppers snapped pictures and some
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weighed in on the movement. >> i really think it's ridiculous. these people are down here, causing the city millions of the dollars in resources. and they want to walk down the street demonstrating for nothing. >> reporter: at some point, the demonstrators tried to make their way into the macy's store. then they tried to make it to the tree lighting. in both cases no arrests were made. los angeles major antonio villaraigosa is asking protesters to move out. he said it is now time to restore the park. he gave protesters until 12:01 monday morning to move out. >> it's time for occupy l.a. to move from holding a particular patch of parkland to spreading the message of economic justice. >> reporter: mayor villaraigosa
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says he's proud to protest has been peaceful but one protester wasted no time in rejecting the mayor's eviction. >> occupy los angeles would like to express the rejection of the city of los angeles allege proposal that we leave city hall november 28th. the mayor said people will be given extra time to move if they need it and that 50 shelter beds will be available for those with no other place to stay. anyone who refuses to leave may face arrest. new information now on yesterday's fatal shooting by a sebastapol police officer. the confrontation happened outside the redwood grove apartments. a woman there called to report her ex-boyfriend was banging on her door trying to get inside. when officer dennis colhurt arrived, perez refused to
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cooperate and pulled out a handgun. colhurst took out his weapon and fired three times. in january, 20-year-old jaheem brown was shot by a police officer outside a school dance. they say brown tried to hit them with a screwdriver. his mother says she does not believe that. berkeley city officials say the owner of an apartment building gutted by fire will begin tearing it down on monday. part of telegraph is still closed tonight because there's concern the building will collapse. and it will remain shut down until work is complete. four buildings were destroyed.
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as if that's not bad enough, we learned that a large supermarket just five blocks away are closed. the androncios closed back in october as well as stores in walnut creek and palo alto. andronico's was bought by a earlier this year. >> the tree lightning ceremony got off to a sparkly traditional. the macy's chris mat tree was lit in union square to the delight of thousands. it's reusable, 83 feet high. it has 33,000 energy efficient
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lights plus more than 1,100 ornaments. san jose's tree lit up at about 6:00 this evening. the lighting kicked off the 32nd annual christmas in the park festival at cesar chavez plaza. the red suited die is showing up as well. santa visits this weekend from 3:30 to 9:00 p.m. -- and the red suited guy showed up as well. black friday is getting a black eye here and around the country. find out what may be prompting the violence. we could have dead fog first thing tomorrow morning. the one direction temperatures will be headed this weekend. some movement today in a steal mate over dungenous crab. but will it be enough to get crab boats out to sea? you ready for your present? yeah.
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all right, i'll be right back. okay. ♪ [ male announcer ] sometimes the giving can be just as amazing as the gift. what do you think? [ laughs ] ♪
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[ male announcer ] the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer for exclusive lease offers on the 2012 ct 200h and, as a gift from lexus, we'll make your first month's payment. it was an amazing amount of people here. managers at the grape mall filled the mall this morning. system customers said they work out a game plan before arriving at the stores. we found one customer using a children's stroller to carry all their bags of presents throughout that crowded mall. shoppers exhibited ball even criminal behavior in incidents around the country. one shopper used pepper spray to get what she wanted. bargain shoppers behaving badly
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and in some cases criminally. a rash of incidents put a black eye on black friday one of the busiest shopping days of the year. at this los angeles area wal- mart, one woman used pepper spray to make her way through the crowd. >> a woman in a black hoodie decided to wave out and spray at the same time some pepper spray. >> the woman then paid for her merchandise and left the store. and in fayett eville north carolina, a man sprayed gunfire. two men could not keep their control, this video shows officers dealing with the aftermath of their black friday fight. >> but it wasn't mayham at every mall. like this one in charlotte virginia, that it was pretty slow throughout the mall.
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when consumers seem too eager for big discounts or simply browse sales it could be a sign that they're hesitant about spending. in washington, i'm karen keffa. there was also some criminal behavior here in the area. amber lee is here and tell us what happened. also what may be behind some of these incidents, amber. >> reporter: frank, we're at the wal-mart in san leandro where a 22-year-old man was shot during an incident this morning. police tell us they're still looking for two suspects. this incident and others are giving black friday a bad name. christopher morillo and two cousins were approached by two men who tried to rob them of their purchases. >> people are getting ready crazy now. >> reporter: tonight 20-year- old tony phillips of oakland is
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in custody facing attempted robbery and homicide charges. perillo's aunt tell us he's  suffering a gunshot wound to the neck and is in critical condition. >> property crimes are way up at this point. >> reporter: davie says bad behavior on black friday is nothing new. as we're in a recession. we showed her this you tube video of this crowd in southern california. >> it just shows how desperate people are. >> reporter: police there say a woman sprayed pepper spray at another shoppers to get to some discounted x boxes. >> reporter: davie says violence in the occupy movement has also decenttized people about the use of pepper spray and violence. >> the laws of this country are being a little bit subverted by the occupy movement. people are using pepper spray,
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let's use pepper spray. >> the lesson is to remember what the season is is really about. >> this is the holidays we're supposed to be out giving thanks and being thankful for family. >> reporter: police told us they're hoping to provide a description of the get away vehicle tomorrow. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. in another black friday altercation a grandfather was knocked unconscious by a police officer in buckeye arizona. this video shows the injured man after he was slammed to the floor by the officer. police say he was shoplifting and resisting arrest. but his family says he put the video game under his shirt when frenzied customers tried to snatch it from him. witnesses also confirmed he was not resisting arrest. the holiday cheer went from
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thanksgiving to christmas today in downtown walnut creek. >> dozens of families gathered in civic park at about 6:00 this evening for the annual tree lighting ceremony. there was a visit by santa. and there was a chance to join in with the first christmas carols. the white family also received a special delivery today. michelle obama and daughter sasha and malia and dog bo kale out to check it out. the decorations will honor blue star families who's loved ones have served or are serving in the military. commercial crab negotiations are still stock. but there has been some movement. the crabbers want $2.50 a pound. today buyers increased their initial officer by 25-cents to $2.25 a pound. but after meeting for about an
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hour fishermen still would not budge. and this is costing people who could not live without crab. we found canned dungenous meat is going for about $30. bloomburg financial news is reporting at&t may offer to devest itself of 22% of team mobile. the federal communications commission chairman isn't happy with the deal either. the matter could come before the justice department sometime next week. and industry analysts say china is poised to overtake the u.s. as the largest market for smart phones. the firm strategy analytics says 23.9 million phones were shipped to china in the third quarter of this year. that is up 58% compared to the
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previous quarter. at the same time the number of phones shipped to the united states dropped 7% to 23.3 million. other firms say while more phones were shipped to china more were sol here in the united states. the family of bryan stow have released a new photo of the giant fan. it shows stow surrounded by family and friend. the family says that stow can now get around by himself in a wheelchair. it's not a christmas tree but it's getting a lot of attention. a loan pine tree was left standing after a huge landslide took out a scenic road. now some san pedro residents say they would like to save it somehow. right now it's just kind of on an island and the land around it is very unstable and will likely wind up in the ocean. one resident said who's going
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to get out there and get it. well the rain clouds have now moved out of the bay area. here's a sweep showing you the dry weather out there. there's a possibility we could get a little bit of drizzle out there for tonight. but we are drying out. but with the left over moisture in place, this is our concern. areas of dense fog targeting the east bay valleys and the north bay valleys. in fact, santa rosa reporting half mile visibility and tomorrow morning we could have pockets down to .25 of a mile for your saturday morning. no dense fog advisories folks just yet but that could be changes as we head into tomorrow morning. overnight lows, coolest locations could be for the inland valleys. san francisco at 37 degrees. spot forecast for fairfield, you can count on areas of fog forming around the delta first thing tomorrow morning. temperatures throughout the afternoon, a nice recovery, back up to 60 degrees. coming up i'll highlight the warmest day of the weekend.
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i will also let you know when 70 degrees heat could return to the area. dramatic demonstrations outside of malls and stores as part of fur free friday. protesters created a visual display of what looked like skinned and bloodied bodies. they say even fur trim is cruel. >> it's not a by-product. even just a little hurts a lot. >> reporter: other activists demonstrated in san jose and marched in santa row. what's in a cup cake? we go to vacaville to find out how local merchants are supporting a police officers family in their time of need. plus a formal investigation is being launched into the
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chevy volt electric car. the incident that led up to all of this.
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a community is coming together to help the family of a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. ktvu's debra villalon tells us it all starts with cup cakes. >> it's a chocolate cup cake with mocha cream frosting. >> reporter: a sweet with a sweet intention behind it. >> it's for jim kapoot. >> reporter: hundreds of these cup cakes have been sold in just a few days. the bakery owners moved to do something to help the family of vallejo police officer jim kapoot. >> is there anything else i can get for you. >> capoot lived in vacaville with his wife and three daughters. >> it doesn't feel like it's enough to be honest because it's just a cup cake. but hopefully people come and
10:54 pm
support and that cup cake can grow into something else. >> reporter: this is just one business. >> 25%. >> owners of this mexican restaurant in sassoon city will funnel proceeds from football sunday's sales. >> that's an awesome human being, we're trying to do everything we can do. >> we're hoping people can come out, talk about him and continue that comradery that we built and see if we can do something good. >> we came to support the cup cakes. >> support the family. they're good people and so was jim. >> reporter: today like most days the capoot cup cakes sold out. but this fundraiser continues until the epd of the year. tomorrow a frozen yogut short in town holds its own one day event. all of these merchants hoping to show the best way they can
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how much they care. in vacaville, debra villalon, ktvu news. richmond will pay a steep settlement. the city council decided this week to pay 1. $1.5 million to the family of uriah dach. police say he posed an immediate threat during an arrest. the family plans to use the settlement money to advocate for better treatment of the mentally ill. federal prosecutors say a former east bay youth counselor pleaded guilty to child molestation and to making child pornography. they say 54-year-old thomas yewell was employed several year as a counselor at juvenile hall. at the time of his arrest last november investigators found more than 13,000 images of child pornography on his computer. he admitted to molestic two children and creating pornographic images of that incident. he faces 15 to 30 years in
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prison. federal officials have launched an investigation of the chevy volt car looking at fire risks. previous crash tests damaged the battery. general motors responded today saying that the company is continuing to work with officials on testing but that the volt is safe and there are no reports of fires from customers. nasa is preparing to launch a new mission to mars tomorrow to search for signs of life on the red plant. the rover nicknamed curiosity is set to take off tomorrow. curiosity weighs a ton. it's designed to use a variety of ininstruments including a hammer to find the mars was ever suitable for life. stores are dreaming of big
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holiday sales how retailers say they did on this black friday. a whale where it doesn't belong in the north bay. why it's a sight that's both captivating and devastating. dad, a big giant bee! get it!
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hang on, pumpkin. aw! bad call, dad! hey, sweetie. guess what, the bees came back and i broke the phone... no, no that was unrelated. you know what, why don't you call it to see if it works? pretty sure it's broken. probably right. looks like we're in new phone territory. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
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some merchants are looking for any edge they can find this holiday season, for the first time in its his treu toys r' us opened on thanksgiving night, the first customers went through the emeryville store at 8:00 last night. early shoppers told us they did not mind spending their night out in the cold if they could save some money. our jana katsuyama live where many businesses look at
11:00 pm
black friday as a bellwether for the season. >> reporter: almost everywhere you go you see these signs. store owners are saying that this is actually better than expected today for plaque friday for big crowds. and shoppers are telling us that they got incredible deals. add broadway plaza the number of shopping bags tells the tale. this year people started snatching up bargains earlier than ever. >> reporter: when did you start? >> 6:00 a.m. >> 6:00 a.m.? >> reporter: how you feeling? >> tired, i need a drink. >> we made our first trip to the car, this is our second trip now. >> reporter: 25 stores opened at midnight. and thousands of shoppers were waiting to cash in on door buster deals. >> way above a normal day. it's way above the last black friday that we had over the past four or five years. we had 4,000 people at the
11:01 pm
doors waiting to get in at mid- night last night. >> you wouldn't think there was anyone around at 2:00 in the morning. it was jam packed, the lines were tremendous. >> reporter: the retail federation expects holiday says to increase to $465 billion. with shoppers having more time to get deals with stores opening up earlier than ever. >> we decided we were going to do business with everybody else and it worked out well for us. >> reporter: many people looking for bargains to help their bottom line. >> we're trying to cut back a little bit, yeah. it's hard for everybody. >> we're looking for the deals and trying to be conservative. >> reporter: and the bargains didn't just stop at the stores, online shopping for this thanksgiving day was actually up 39% compared to last year.
11:02 pm
reporting live in walnut creek, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. we asked tonight on our ktvu facebook page to tell us about some of the deals they found. mohamed said $60 video games for $20. too bad i went and they were all gone. linda justice decided black friday just wasn't for her. she posted, slept in, it was priceless. you can tell us about any deals you found by going to the ktvu channel 2 facebook page. oakland has an anecdote to black friday. they're calling it plaid friday. it's an effort to get folks online, out of box stores and into local neighborhoods. the name plaid friday helps emphasize that the community and small stores are part of the same fabric. >> one of the things that people notice is our customer service. we spend hours with people and we love it that's why we're
11:03 pm
here and that's why each staff member is here and was chosen for this store because we love working with our customers. >> there are signs it's catching on around the nation. one town in vermont held a shopping event today called flannel friday. stocks stocks ended their worse week in months. the nasdaq was down 18, the dow was down 25. the dow has lost more than 850 points since last week. bay area scientists have confirmed today that the dead whale was a juvenile orca. a viewer sent us this picture of the whale. today some highers managed to get a view of the animal. >> it's kind of mixed emotions. it's exciting to be able to see one but it's sad to see a creature that big hasn't survived. >> reporter: another hiker said the wheal looks injured. a team from the academy
11:04 pm
scientists examined the whale and took specimen samples. they tell us it was an 18-foot long juvenile male. the whale was a big fin shark variety the second whale species. this one was 50 feet long. the secretary of state just cleared a proposal that would legalize marijuana for anyone 19 years of age or older. it needs about a half million signatures to be placed on the ballot. if it was approved it would create a california cannabis commission to regulate growing, sales and smoking in public. it would also exempt pot for personal use from taxes or regulation.
11:05 pm
the legislative analyst says its impact is uncertain because marijuana use is still illegal under federal law. another proposal wants to overturn all of the state's environmental laws. signatures must be submitted by april 19. casting a vote from the bay area in an election half way around the world. how they're hoping to guide egypt into a new era. and the biggest challenge they say that country is facing. the weather pattern is changing right now. coming up the warmest day of the weekend. we'll also know if there's any rain clouds in your five day forecast. this year something completely new for folks who want to buy tickets, the three different ways you'll be able to get them.
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some egyptian americans here in the bay area will be voting in egypt's parliamentary elections that are set to begin on monday. the voting will be taking place over several months. one of the most important jobs the new parliament will be to write a new constitution. these are the first elections since the ouster president
11:09 pm
mubarack who ruled egypt for over 30 years. democracy is new for egyptians. >> i think the thing egyptians fear, they are not really used to elections so they're almost afraid that whatever happens as a result of this election that is going to be it. >> reporter: the biggest problem for the new leader is widespread poverty. in cairo today more than 100,000 people crowded into tahere square for the biggest rally this week. in other nice of the world a court in peru ordered van der sloot to stand trial for murder and robbery. the dutchman is accused of killing a 22-year-old woman in his hotel and faces 30 years if convicted. that woman died five years to
11:10 pm
the day that natalie holloway died in aruba. they fear mosquitoes will spread denge fever. there were many clinics that people could get vaccinations of other diseases spread in stagnant water. it has been almost two years now since a 7.0 quake devastated haiti. there are new problems tonight with the reconstruction. some work is being done but it is a far cry from what's needed there. the panel created to oversee the recovery disbanded last month after the government failed to see it's progress. less than have the funds to be used have been used. the three men said that they were headed from charlotte north carolina to washington,
11:11 pm
d.c. for a conference when they were taken off the u.s. air flight. they said they were questioned about the purpose of their trip and whether they had military training. the students say it was because they are arab. >> they just took us and then left after the interrogation, they just left us there and people were staring at us for three or four hours. they were just staring at us. they eventually made it to washington but the flight was delayed four hours. the transportation security administration says the pilot reported security concerns. pasta and wine. certainly good on their own now why scientists say they're even better together. plus the weekend is here, are we looking at more rain or is it going to be dry? our meteorologist mark tamayo will be here with the answer in just about five minutes. thank you, mr. lopez.
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maybe your coat closet is about to burst or you're looking at a way to give with staying power. one warm coat together with ktvu are collecting coats. >> reporter: hollywood star power to kick off the one warm coat drive. last year an american idol james durbin from santa cruz. durbin ignited the enthusiasm. >> one warm coat, one warm coat. >> reporter: this is the ninth year ktvu has participated on one warm clothe. my channel 2 colleagues were at
11:15 pm
three other locations. at the ferry building in san francisco. in emeryville, broadway plaza in walnut creek. we asked people to dig into their closets and donate clothing that will keep someone warm this winter. and people did respond. >> >> i just saw you guys this morning. i always have a lot of left over clothing. >> oh it's just giving back. that's what it's all about. >> reporter: the st. anthony foundation in san francisco, a spokesman told us the sun was shining today but the need is great and they are already out of women and men's coats coats. >> we had a gentleman come in and said his coat was stolen at the shelter. he said give me a woman's coat, i don't care. and we had to tell him, we don't even have a woman's coat
11:16 pm
to give you. >> one warm coat warming communities one coat at a time. in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. as lloyd just mentioned we would love for you to participate in our one warm coat drive. you can find the location near you by going to our website and click on the link right there in the home page. a new lottery system for burning man tickets will debut this monday. the counter culture registration will begin on monday for the first round of 3,000 tickets. those who are picked from a random drawing will be notified no later than december 14th. the bulk of the tickets will be sold in a second lottery in january and there will also be a final round of ticket sales in march on a first come first serve basis. the rain clouds have moved out of bay area but still quit
11:17 pm
a bit of moisture left. fog will be our concern. right now the maps on live storm tracker 2. you can see the sweeps moving back into the picture. we do have a dry weather pattern out there. as far as the current numbers you can see the chilly numbers up in the north bay. napa 33 degrees. our most recent observation santa ro sta has visitables come -- santa rosa has visibilities coming down. be careful as we lead into early saturday morning. clouds have been lifting a little bit especially in the south bay. at least late this afternoon into the evening hours. high pressure expanding over a good porg of the west coast. as a result the storm track heading up here so we do not have any rain clouds in your weekend forecast. most of next week could be dry.
11:18 pm
a dry weather pattern. fog to contend with. clouds becoming cloudy. temperatures away from the clouds will be warming back up right around the bay near the coast in the upper 60s. maybe approaching the lower 70s by sunday and into monday of next week. there's that fog we're watching for the inland valleys. and this is the stuff you have to worry about. you can have clear skies up until this and all of a sudden you get an instant drop off of visibility. this will be a factor right around modesto and the region up in the north bay of california already a drop off in visibilities. as we do head into the afternoon a sun cloud mix, a few high clouds will be drifting in from the north as we head into your saturday afternoon. so that is all reflected in your forecast. mid-40s out there by 12:00 scattered clouds.
11:19 pm
then by three -- 3:00 partly cloudy skies. everyone out a few degrees from today's readings. santa rosa 64, san francisco at 62. these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. san jose upper 60s a livermore right around 65 degrees. here is a look ahead, your weekend always in view. your weekend rapidly approaching. scattered clouds on a sunday. you will notice one thing, i did not have one rain cloud into tuesday and wednesday and possibly beyond that point. gasia and frank we'll be talking about this but it could be headed into december. we could be talking about low 70s across parts of the bay area. so a nice warm up from sunday and next week. the entire state right now is completely dry. >> thanks, mark. >> sure. women who love a glass of
11:20 pm
wine with their pasta will want to toast to this story. women who ate the carbs with the wine lowered the chances of diabetes. a close game tonight and it was a real shoot out. plus why this man sky dived 100 times today and he wasn't doing it just for fun. [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road.
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whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call allstate now and you'll get a free lifetime membership in good hands roadside assistance. [ dennis ] shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent. [ female announcer ] and if you call now, your first tow in good hands roadside assistance is free!
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simply get a quote on any allstate insurance policy. that's a free lifetime membership in good hands roadside assistance just for calling, and a free tow just for quoting. call now! a man from alabama sky dived today. not once, not twice. he did it 100 times. navy veteran john sotters wanted to do something special for another soldier named mike spawn. he spawn was the first american killed in the war in afghanistan. happened exactly 10 years ago today. soldiers said he averaged about 12 jumps per hour. >> fred inglis in here tonight. it's unusual to see a friday night game for cal football.
11:24 pm
>> it was worth for them, because cal and arizona state both are already bowl eligible. but winning this regular season finale was about earning an invitation to a bowl game that has a little bit more pizazz. sun devil fans not too happy tonight. they've lost nine straight games. and bocelli braces in. rushed for 133 yards tonight. mannered zooms in for a 17- yarder. but arizona state comes back and just before halftime brock hoswiller throws to cole. that's cole's first td of the year. but cal quarterback zack
11:25 pm
mannered improves every year. cj anderson takes it to the limit. they forced four turnovers. bear, dj campbell nails off whiler. cal wins 47-38. now they wait for bowl bids to come their way. top ranked lsu in the whitjersey got a wake wake up call. matthew takes the punt. somebody stop matthew. nobody even touches matthew. lsu wins. there's 12-0 for the first time in school history. if they beat georgia next week, lsu will be in the national bowl. frank sinatra said if you
11:26 pm
can make it there you can make it any where. the cardinals taking a lead when sophomore aaron wright hits the three pointer. stanford well they commit 24 turnovers and fifth ranked syracuse made them play. drives, that's part of a -- and it cape down to the wire. ivan asca drives floor and foul. raisers take a four point lead just over a minute in the game. here comes rashard green. with just seconds left, usf trails by three. here comes cody dullan.
11:27 pm
angelo colario 5-2. and the oakland a's they're set to hire former giant outfielder chilly davis at their new hitting coach. that's sports as we see it for this friday night. cal with a big win down in tempe. >> what bowl any idea where they might be going. >> their talking vegas bowl. they certainly don't want the fight hunger bowl which is right down there at at&t park where they played all their home games. looks lake tay going looks-- looks like they're looking at the -- >> thanks fred. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and you can go to ktvu for
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all the news overnight. and we're always here for you on mobile ktvu.
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